Tampa’s Premier Mobile Dog Groomer Since 2001!

Meet the Team

Our team is not only trained in proper washing, cutting and brushing but also special services like de-matting painful tangles and trimming overgrown nails to prevent foot injuries. Plus, did we mention we do pet facials? Life in the dog house ain’t what it used to be.


Meet Charlie

Prior to getting my certification I had groomed friends and family pets for over 18 years. I also worked in pet salons in Atlanta Georgia as an apprentice so I have learned from the ground up. I too am a pet owner of a very special Poo-Shon (Vinnie) and love to just give that special attention to all of our four-legged friends.


Meet Gina

My dream my whole life was to live in Florida, and 2 years ago, my husband and i made my dream come true! We moved from Buffalo, NY…a great city, where we lived our whole lives. Our sport of choice, golf, can be played year round here!


My sister lives here, which makes it perfect. I have groomed dogs for about 15 years, and i am very happy and proud to have been hired by Charlie. I hope to have a long relationship with Houndz of Hollywood!

Georgia is Gina’s furbaby!


Meet Lorena

Has been with Hound’z of Hollywood almost 4 years.
Lived in Tampa, FL for 16 years. My nationality is Ecuadorian and I’m bilingual. I’ve been grooming for 8 years. I have 2 dogs that I love dearly!
My favorite breed to cut are mini poodles and Pomeranians. Teddy bear cuts are my forte!
I’m very easy going and the pups love me!


Meet Nicole

My name is Nicole and I have been a groomer for about 3 years now. I love nothing more than taking good care of the dogs I get to spend time with, and building trust with them through the grooming process. I fell in love with grooming dogs and love making sure they are safe and happy while in my care! All dogs are a miracle , each size and every breed, they’re all phenomenal indeed.

I am so happy I get to do what I do . I love everything about it. . I am also mother to a very animated 3 year old baby girl, and a fur momma to my kitty Puma, and my Shepherd Ava. I have a plethora of hobbies I like do in my free time, like dancing , hiking and gardening. I also am a slave to spicy food and horror movies, as well as a sucker for Netflix and pizza.

Thank you so much!!! Your groomer Lorena is solid gold..����
My two fosters adored her as well. She knows dogs SO well… and they both are so beautiful and clean and happy…Lorena… Max and Danny Boy were looking for you at least for half an hour! ����������
Thank you Houndz!!!! Jackie, Max and Danny boy.. ~ Jackie L. from Facebook